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Candace Hight

Bringing Your Photos to LIFE.

Have you ever had a “Kodak moment”, but missed it?  Candace 
Hight, Owner/Photographer of “Remember When Photography by Candace”, thrives on capturing those moments. Her passion for photography has revealed itself in many captivating photos. She has the patience, personality, and the “eye” to ensure that every photo is a replica of one’s memory.

This small town country girl discovered her God-given gift of photography in October 2006. The birth of “Remember When Photography” was a life changing experience.  Candace is a fun-filled photographer who makes her clients feel comfortable and free to express themselves. She believes in telling a story with her photos, so that one can re-live a particular moment at any time.

Whether creating a Fairy Tale Wedding or shooting the Next Top Model, Candace ensures that the client’s uniqueness is revealed in every image.

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